What Can Analytics Do for Your Company?

VISIMO works to help businesses visualize more of their company using a range of analytics. By helping you see an understand more of your business, we can help you make more effective decisions to help your business grow.

Our team uses their expertise with the best-in-class analytical tools to help connect you to a range of highly useful data sources. Using proven methods, VISIMO enables you to drive strategic growth and gain an immediate return on investment for your business. Analytics can benefit your company by:

Improving Financial Performance

Your company’s financial performance improves when you get useful data at a faster rate. We can help improve visibility into the finical drivers of your company using financial key performance indicators and early warning indicators.

Increasing Productivity

When analytics are aligned with your business strategy and process improvement, they will result in productivity gains in both the office and in the field.

Creating Predictable Outcomes

With our best-in-class analytics tools and processes, we can help you achieve repeatable and predictable outcomes in all areas of your business.

Examples of Popular Analytics Use Cases: HVAC-R Companies
Financial Analytics

Financial analytics will interact with your profitability and monitor your keep financial ratios. Financial analytics can be leveraged throughout all aspects of your company to help drive financial performance improvement. Examples of financial analytics include:

  • Financial statements and ratios
  • Profitability by technician, job, and customer

Service Analytics

With service analytics, you can monitor and identify the profitability and utilization targets for your technicians and department. Service analytics can help you manage your service department more effectively. With visual analytics, we will use trending, key performance indicators and financial metrics that are used to improve your productivity and profitability by technician and department.

Job Analytics

With Job analytics, you can better manage your profitability and productivity while also monitoring your key performance indicators. Job analytics allow you to closely monitor your financial progress and productivity through increased visibility.

You can use analytics to view all your projects currently in progress helping you understand which ones are on plan, at risk, or off plan and allowing you make immediate arrangements to remediate. With job analytics, you can complete more jobs on time and under budget.

Contact VISIMO today and let us use our expertise in analytical tools to help connect you to the data that can increase productivity and profitability in your business.

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