Our Founder

James Julius, Founding Partner

James is the Founding Partner of VISIMO who works with CEOs and other business leaders to grow their companies using data. He has spent the last 15 years working in and alongside all sizes of businesses including Fortune 100, family-run businesses, and the middle market. Across his roles in the financial, supply chain, and technology spaces he’s used strategic consulting and data analytics to redefine how business is done and helped businesses grow their people, assets, and resources.

James has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business

Our Mission

VISIMO was created to give small businesses access to people, assets, and resources to grow their company. We do this through expert consulting and development of business tools and processes.

Our Vision

VISIMO’s vision is to be the leading visual analytics consulting company in the mid-Atlantic United States, expertly serving companies across a variety of industries with annual operating revenues of $10MM+.

Our Values

At VISIMO we are more than just a consulting vendor – we are business partners that help grow your business hand in hand with you – we are a part of the TEAM.

T – Tenacity.

We at VISIMO are determined to do great work for you and your company. We will always do what is right by our clients.

E – Excellence and Energy.

Change can be difficult and unfamiliar. We are experts at not only visual analytics but also process improvement and change management. We do this with great energy for all aspects of our work in the office and with our clients.

A – Adaptability.

Our people are experts across a variety of industry domains and subdomains and are experts in the functional areas inside an organization. This expertise results in being nimble and precise.

M – Mutual Respect and Accountability.

A great partnership is two-sided. We build strong bonds with our clients that allow us to share in the respect and accountability needed to drive great change.

GO MOBILE. Everyone else is.

Data at your fingertips allows you to make faster, better informed business decisions – whether from the field, the office, or at home.