Take Action & Be Progressive

Progressive, decisive, and innovative, highly valued for expertise in both developing and interpreting corporate vision and strategy, translating objectives into actionable plans, and providing decisive leadership to multi-functional, cross-cultural teams.

Cultivating main relationships with executives, strategic partners, and staff.investment to expand, and exceed your business goals.

VISIMO's Proprietary Tools
and Analytics Strategy

How VISIMO works for you

Let’s say the your company revenue is $3-10 million. With the same people, assets and resources you could increase that by 28% to 35%.

Let’s unlock your missing 28-35%.

We take a deep dive into what makes your company tick and what you define as “value.” This includes your people, assets, and resources.

We construct key strategies based on what we identify in step #1. In simple terms, we set your business up for success, understanding your limitations and key areas for improvement.

VISIMO implements custom strategies and collaborates with all parts of your organization in a trusted advisor role.

  • People
  • Assets
  • Data
  • Culture
  • Variable
  • Finances
  • Action Plans
  • Culture
  • Productivity
  • Performance

END RESULT: Revenue & ProfitBuild & Grow Healthy Culture

VISIMO’s Big 3 Intel Products

Are proprietary and advanced data tools to guide and
lead your business to success.

Strategy Map

Your business’s compass to running your meetings, your production, people and more. Keeping your vision & teams on track throughout the year and every day to stay focused on your goals and strategies.

Business Pulse Dashboard

Allows our team to access and generate valuable information you need to run your company every day. This is the lifeline of your company. Let us use our data diagnostics to understand what has happened, predict what is going to happen and why with your company plus much more.

Five Drivers Report and Analytics

VISIMO helps identify and implement KPIs to build your company’s strategy and culture by setting goals and expectations based on real results on your company information/data.


Some of our most popular industries taking advantage or our Proprietary Big 3 Intel Products for business growth are: healthcare, non-profit, retail, consumer package goods, goverment, energy/oil and gas, manufacturing, service companies, and supply chain management.

GO MOBILE. Everyone else is.

Data at your fingertips allows you to make faster, better informed business decisions – whether from the field, the office, or at home.