HMS had plenty of data but the reporting capabilities within their ERP system limited their ability to interpret or act upon key information.


VISIMO identified and statistically validated key drivers and deployed tools to enable real-time access to actionable data.


HMS’s team used these tools to have tighter controls on projects, grow the revenue pipeline, and identify otherwise hidden opportunities.

Case Study

Huckestein Mechanical Services is a HVAC contractor in Western Pennsylvania. They were steadily growing in a post bubble economy and like many companies their size the identifying and tracking the key drivers within the company was limited by their systems, technology, and available personnel.

Enter VISIMO. Our expert consultants partnered with executive and department leadership to identify and validate Key Performance Indicators and strategic objectives – separating signal from noise and enabling them to get from data to decisions, faster.

Huckestein Mechanical Services (HMS) is a family-owned HVAC contractor in Western Pennsylvania. HMS migrated to a more powerful ERP system in 2016 – however one of the areas that was not more powerful was in reporting. Additionally, the system was challenging to interact with and as such there were challenges with data quality.

The company was growing due to the depth and talent of the leadership and technicians. HMS, a 100% union shop, has some of the best and brightest technicians in the area.

Like many HVAC and service organizations, HMS kept a close eye on key financial metrics at an aggregate level, but due to the complexity of the system getting good information at a department level was not always possible. Key non-financial indicators were not closely monitored. Jobs were won and managed in an inefficient and the effectiveness of the staff to manage the projects was marginalized.

It’s estimated that there was 10%+ of their cost basis that was affected by poor reporting.

VISIMO was identified as a vendor partner to provide consultative analytical support – we are one of the only vendors with dedicated products, services, and expert personnel to develop tools and provide analytics advisory services.

VISIMO’s goal was to help in a couple of key areas – 1) identify the key drivers in the business; 2) develop tools to monitor these drivers; and 3) provide actionable information in easy to access reports.

The first step was to identify the key drivers of HMS. Through mind-mapping and statistical validation VISIMO curated a set of financial and non-financial indicators that expressed the health, vitality, and stability of the company. These indicators were presented to senior leadership and reviewed with department staff. The goal is to ensure cross-functional buy-in so that everyone is ‘pulling in the same direction’. Next, these indicators were mapped to specific levels of the organization so that each department was aware of how they contributed to the broader HiLOs (High Level Objectives) of the company. The output of the report that maps the company’s mission, vision, and core values against analytical objectives is The Strategy Map.

Based upon consultative discussions we identified exactly the kinds of visual tools that would make the greatest impact. Our expert team was able to aggregate ERP data alongside external data to develop a single view of truth for company and department leadership. And unlike the canned reporting they used previously, these visual reports could be interacted with and provided actionable, real-time data.

Huckestein is now deep into embracing advanced analytics and is leveraging data to solve problems, drive change, and generate growth opportunities across the business.

“Huckestein engaged VISIMO to help us aggregate data from our ERP and CRM systems to create Key Performance Indicators at all levels of the organization. During the course of our engagement, we expanded VISIMO’s scope to include management reports to provide visibility to critical elements of the operation. To do this, we had to give VISIMO access to the data tables of our software. We have trusted them with our extremely proprietary information, and have seamlessly integrated his team with ours..”
Wendy Staso, CEO Huckestein Mechanical Services


HMS was able to improve their financial position, streamline their business processes, and strengthen the company’s bottom line.From a top-line revenue and pipeline perspective, the company grew their WIP by 5x within 6 months by using VISIMO’s toolset. Gross margins improved on average by 25% on key projects via real-time integrated reporting of financial and operational data.

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